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This page provides some information on a home made etcher for etching knife blades. I built one of these etchers by following the instructions on Chris Crawford's web site. Chris provides very detailed instructions on assembling the etcher following a design that was originally created by knifemaker Bob Warner.

I used a couple of different components than what are listed on Chris's site while building my electro-ecther so I decided to include a list of the items and their prices. Additionally, I had a hard time working from Chris's step-by-step wiring instructions and really needed a wiring diagram to help me visualize and understand the electronics. I produced a drawing of this wiring schematic and have included a link to the document at the bottom of this page. Providing this wiring schematic to whoever may need it is the primary purpose of this page. I hope it helps you.

Parts List

Image Description Vendor Part Number Quantity Cost Each
bud box BUD Industries Style A Utilibox Newark Electronics 99B1212 1 $18.83
Rubber Feet KEYSTONE Feet (Bumpers) Newark Electronics 97H7025 4 $0.63
Alligator Clip DELTRON EMCON Test Connector Newark Electronics 45M6829 2 $0.70
Power Cord VOLEX Power Supply SJ Cord Newark Electronics 96K5633 1 $8.93
Fuse 1.0-Amp 250V 1 x " Slow Blow Fuse (4-Pack) Radio Shack 270-1021 1 $2.99
Fuse Holder Screw-Cap Panel-Mount Fuse Holder Radio Shack 270-364 1 $1.99
SPDT Toggle Switch Toggle Switch with On/Off Label Plate Radio Shack 275-602 1 $2.99
DPDT Toggle Switch DPDT 10-Amp Toggle Switch with Center Off Position Radio Shack 275-1533 1 $3.69
Transformer 25.2V CT 2.0A Heavy-Duty Chassis-Mount Transformer with Lead Radio Shack 273-1512 1 $10.49
Rectifier 8A, 400V Full-Wave Bridge Rectifier Radio Shack 276-1181 1 $2.59
Banana Plugs Solderless Banana plugs Radio Shack 274-721 1 $2.99
Banana Jacks Banana Jacks (2-Pack) Radio Shack 274-725 1 $2.99
Neon Lamp 120VAC Neon Lamp Assembly (2-Pack) Radio Shack 272-712 1 $3.49
Etch Pad Assembly DEP (Deep Etch) Hand Pad Lectroetch Marking Equipment DEP 16 1 $31.00
Chemicals LNC-8 Electrolyte, quarts Lectroetch Marking Equipment 6068Q 1 $9.00
Cleaner, #1 All-Purpose (APC), quarts Lectroetch Marking Equipment 6062Q 1 $8.00

Long Life Stencil

200-3L 2-1/2"x7"

3 sheets

Lectroetch Marking Equipment 5054 1 $12.50
Felt Wick

Felt Wick,

Square Yard

Lectroetch Marking Equipment 70 1 $7.50


A few photos of the etching process are included below.

Etching Tools

This is my home built etcher and and blade ready to be etched.



Etching Tools

Etching Chemicals: Electrolyte & Electrolyte Neutralizer



Etching Tools

Knife blade with stencil ready for etching



Etching Tools

Finished Etched Blade



Electrical Schematic

A PDF file of the electrical schematic is located HERE or select the image below to open file

Electro-Etcher Circuit PDF



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